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Holiday Shopping!

We have a gift for you!

From Black friday through 11/26, we will be offering bounce back coupons to anyone who spends $50 or more! Coupons are worth $15 off any purchase made between 12/01-12/31 of 2017!  The deals don't end there though. From now until Christmas, purchase a $50 giftcard and recieve $10 in plato's bucks! *Bucks may not be used same day as purchase of card.

Happy Holidays from Plato's Closet Avon

Plato's has upgraded! Tired of carrying around paper cards for stamps? Well now you don't have to! Welcoming FiveStars to our business, we now have a tablet for you to enter your phone number when you visit to recieve points that go towards discounts! Visit FiveStars online to sign up ahead of time!

Love layers!

-Now buying and selling jackets, long sleeves, and sweaters!

-Bomber jackets, denim styles, flowy cardigans are flying off the shelves so we need more to restock!

-Bring in your 90's and 80's style grundge jackets and your athletic rain jackets!

Bring in your gently used name-brand clothing for cash on the spot today! Call now for more detail and hours! 317-271-1234

Buy $50 or more in Giftcards and receive $10 Plato's Bucks!

*Bucks may not be used same day of Gifcard purchase

Return Policy Extended Until January 7th with Tags attached. Prices may be cut off. Accessories, Decor, Shoes are final sale.